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We go above and beyond.

Our Approach

The Regalmark Project Management (RPM) team is experienced in managing large furniture projects for multiple locations, providing sufficient workforce support for the project duration. We thoroughly review and understand the scope of work set forth by your project qualifications.

The RPM team will have an experienced Project Manager (PM) to focus directly on coordinating and managing the overall project requirements. The Project Support (PS) team will provide day to day contact with your point of contact, vendors and shipping companies.

Work Plan

Our mission and goal is to have the right person for the appropriate function in order to efficiently and effectively perform the required scope of work with an unsurpassed level of integrity and commitment.

  • Meetings & Project Scheduling
  • Initial Design &¬†Project Finishes
  • Design Review & Sign-Off
  • Internal Order Entries, Production Follow-Up & Packing Requirements
  • Vendor Management, Receipt of Products & Warehousing
  • Deliveries, Schedules and Pre-Installation Survey
  • Site Surveys, On-site Installation, Adjustments & Cleaning
  • Quality Assurance & Sign-Off